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Henrich Focke (Born October 8, 1890 in Bremen, 25th February 1979 in Bremen) was a famous German aircraft designer and helicopter pioneer. He founded in 1924 in Bremen, the Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau AG and 1937, the Focke, Achgelis and Co. GmbH in Hoykenkamp (Delmenhorst).

After World War II Focke was conscripted from 1945 to 1948 as a war prisoner in France. He was with the government in Paris SNCASE consulting engineer in the replica of the Fa 223, which under the name SE 3000 was running. At the same time he built the single-rotor SE3101, the predecessor of Alouette.

Heinrich Focke Images, Heinrich Focke PicturesHenrich Focke built around 1948 an engineering firm in Bremen. Since aircraft were not allowed by the Allies in Germany, he transferred his experience from the aerospace industry to ships, boats and buildings. 1949 Focke builds in Horn-Lehe his house as the first finished house after the construction of Professor Willy Messerschmitt. From 1948 to 1958 he worked as a technical consultant in helicopter for the British Air Ministry in 1950 he was a design engineer with the North German car plants in Wilhelmshaven. In 1951 he developed the Convertiplane in Amsterdam, a 4-rotor VTOL aircraft. From 1952 to 1956 he worked with the development and construction of the two-seat light helicopter Beija-Flor (Hummingbird in German) in Brazil.

In 1956 he returned permanently to Brazil back to Bremen. Henrich Focke in 1957 a patent on the Focke-rays, a ring-shaped flying wing with a central rotor, whose development had already begun 1944th When the Borg Ward automotive plants in Bremen, then followed the development of another, called hummingbird helicopter, Focke said could draw on the experience gained in Brazil. The first flight in 1958. Due to the bankruptcy of Borgward in 1961, the developers had to be canceled.

On 25 February 1979 Henrich Focke died in Bremen, highly honored and awards. His grave is on the arteries Berger Cemetery.

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